Electroneum Accepted Here A4 Signs

High Quality
PDF Signs

Generate your own "ETN Accepted Here" signs with your own wallet QR-code. You will get a high quality PDF file in A4 format ready to be printed or sent to printing shop.

Add additional matching "Download App Promo" sign with your referral link/QR-code to gain more Referrals & Cloud Mining ETN rewards!

Price: 5 ETN (0.0 USD) per PDF
(Additional +2 ETN for Download App Promo Sign)

  • Download App QR-code Electroneum/ETN
  • Print on landscape A4 double A5

Easy printable sign for your shop

High quality A4 signs ready to be printed in your printer or printing shop. Several designs and colours to customize it for your own shop. Extra "Fixed Price" feature to print a fixed specific ETN sum for any usage.

Several colours and designs following Electroneums branding assets for good brand recognition.

Print it in smaller A5 or larger A3 with no problems of quality.

Download App Promo Sign option

With the optional extra page you get a "Download App" Promotion sign with a QR-code link to download the App for Iphone or Android (extra 10 ETN cost). You can also add your Referral Code (and get a unique Download App QR-code) to get Referrals registered and gain some extra ETN while using the Cloud Miner.

There are plenty of options to put a A4 paper in plastic protectors, acrylic stands, wall mounts, hangers, frames etc. Check your local print or art shop.

Download App Sign QR-Code Electroneum

Select color and design

Pick your prefered color and design and copy/paste your ETN wallet address in the input field below.

Small cut-out signs

Smaller signs you need to cut-out with a pair of scissors. Effective to put behind glass or on a wall.


What size and quality is these PDF signs?

The size is of these signs are A4 standard size (210x290mm). The quality is 300 dpi which means these signs could be printed with very good quality in A3 (297x420mm) format and even A2 (as those signs are usually seen from some distance).

How can I open PDF files?

PDF files is the most common file extension on the internet. You can use many different free apps to open and print a PDF, the most common one is Adobe Reader and is available for most common platforms like Windows, Linux, MacOs, iOS and Android. 

Also all printing houses/shops are very commonly using PDF files to print. 

Its by far the most used industry standard for printing. 

I want to print bigger than A4 – is it possible?

Yes, printing in A3 (297x420mm) size should be no problem at all. 300 dots per inch (dpi) quality is very high/photo quality and printing in 150dpi still keeps it very crisp. Even printing larger poster size like A2 should still look good as its usually seen from some distance.ETN Sign sizes

I want to print smaller A5 (or smaller) size – is it possible?

Yes, you can print two of pages of this on a landscape A4 paper (2x A5). Going down in size is no problem at all. Check your printers printing settings and you find many options how to resize your print.

Electroneum Sign PDF print size comparison

Here is a print of 2x A4 on a landscape A4 cut in half and glued together. Good size to put in glovebox or handbag.

Whats the cut-out version?

Cut-out versions is a landscape A4 PDF with a sign that is intended to be cut out with a pair of scissors. They look like this (with the optional Download App Promo):

ETN PDF sign

I have problems downloading my sign?

For any problems on the site please send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will help you. Please include in your email what device and web browser you are using.

What is “Fixed Price” option?

The Fixed Price option makes it possible to lock the QR-code to a specific amount of ETN. This makes the transactions with your customers even more speedy. An example for this type of usage would be a fixed price entrance fee or a fixed price haircut.

Fixed and locked price QR-code Electroneum Sign

What is the “Download App Promo Sign”

The Download App Promo Sign is an extra addition to your "ETN Accepted Here" sign with a QR-code to download the app. These sign match your chosen design in colours and layout and looks great next to each other.

You can also add your referral code to this sign to try to gain some extra ETN during your Cloud Mining. If you have curious customers asking about ETN point them to this sign and make them download the app and use your Referral Code (Just ask them to scan the QR-code) - next time you see them they will probably have mined some ETN to use for real purchases.

Download App Promotion Sign for Electroeum/ETN

Why is there only one QR-code on the Download App Promo sign?

We are using the special Referral Link function created by Electroneum that uses QR-code and Referral link in this format: https://my.electroneum.com/join/XXXXXX - Where XXXXXX is your unique Referral Code. This link has a script inside it to redirect the user to the correct App Store like AppStore for iOS or GooglePlay for Android devices. It also falls back to the web version if the device is not supported.

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